Why Kastlfel?


… it’s how we do things.

We use these principles to measure our actions, our products, our processes and our partners.

We make our products from the ground up, managing every aspect of design and production: from the fiber we use, to spinning, knitting and cut-n- sew, we touch it all.

This can be seen in our design and development, the sustainable materials and processes we choose, our production partners, our quality controls and approach to compliance and certification.

So Why Choose Kastlfel?

  • Ethical Production in accordance to WRAP certified factories
  • Beyond compliance, testing to our own restricted substance list
  • Earthspun® yarns, spun in the USA in a solar powered facility
  • A dozen years of membership and service to the textile exchange
  • Full transparency from fiber to finished product
  • We not only make our garments, we make our fabrics
  • Ringspun yarns, double needle stitching
  • Contemporary styling and fit
  • Super soft fabrics & signature colors

tee saves approx:
6 (20oz)
plastic bottles from
the landfill
conserves approx:
gallons of

The Global Impact of 200,000 tees:

  • 1,166,000 20oz plastic bottles from landfills
  • 717,600,000 BTU’s of energy that would be used to produce virgin polyester
  • Saves 201,300 kilowatt hours of electricity which is enough to run an average Colorado home for 24 years
  • 922,900 gallons of water when compared to a similar Polyester/Cotton tee

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