Sustainability: Part 1

Our Facility

We make our products from the ground up, managing every aspect of design and production: from the fiber we use, to spinning, knitting and cut-n-sew, we touch it all. Earthspun® yarn is made in North Carolina in a solar powered factory, which limits the amount of energy used to create each item. All our facilities focus on minimizing waste, energy use, electricity, carbon emissions, and water.


Our sustainable products are constructed using a four-step textile process that turns recycled plastic bottles into functional, comfortable duds that do right by the people that make them and wear them (that’s you). We like to call this process Trash. Shred. Spin. Wear.™ All of our yarn is made in the USA by our partners who use the most efficient, eco-friendly processes. From here, they are sent to our partner factory in Guatemala to be made into finished goods. By providing jobs and opportunities, our business is able to contribute a sustainable form of income for our Guatemalan workers.


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